Monday, 26 August 2019


At the start of the year, I shared this blog post where I wrote all my goals down for 2019. I thought it was about time to look back, review those goals, reflect on them and refresh them for the rest of the year. It will be interesting to to see what goals I have managed to achieve so far, and what ones I may still need to work on...

A big goal of mine for 2019 was to try and have more of a fitness routine. I have definitely achieved this and I have really been loving exercising in general this year so. I am much more active, I cycle to work and back every day, I have been a member of Class Pass for most of the year and have been trying and loving so many new classes. Reformer pilates, Barre and Hot Yoga have all become new favourite's. I have also gotten back into running this year. I ran a 10k last week in Regent's Park and I am hoping to do another before the end of the year. Then, the next step would be to complete a half marathon next year.

Goal for the rest of the year:
- Continue running and complete another 10k!

Another goal I set this year was to save money. This is the goal I probably have struggled with the most. I do find it really hard to save whilst living in London, when the cost of living is extremely high. I also probably spend too much on buying new clothes - GUILTY. Hopefully I will get a little bit better and have saved some more by the end of the year. Fingers crossed! Let me know if you have any tips to help?

Goal for the rest of the year:
- Open up a 'Help To Buy' ISA.

I have failed this goal too - whooops. My travel goal was to go on holiday to Thailand - maybe next year? I am off to Portugal next week though, which I am very excited for and I also have a trip to Spain planned in October - so I can't complain.

Goal for the rest of the year:
- Save money to go to Thailand next year! haha

I know that the goals I set around blogging and my Instagram were to be more consistent and post more frequently and I haven't quite managed to do that. I know I amn't very consistent, it is something I do struggle with. I tend to go through phases where I post all the time and then I stop for a while. However, hopefully this is something I will get better at by the end of the year as I have some exciting things planned.

Goal for the rest of the year:
- Be more consistent on my blog & Instagram
- Post on IGTV!

I set myself the goal of doing Dry Jan this year and I successfully managed to complete that, which I am pretty happy about. I also wanted to eat less meat, which I have been trying to do and is definitely a working progress. Another goal was to read 3 books this year, which will be achieved very soon hopefully as I have a few books to read when I am on holiday next week!

All in all, it seems I still have a long way to go with some of my goals this year, but I am not going to give up! I am glad I revisited my goals for the year, to reflect and keep me motivated to continue to work towards those goals for the rest of 2019.

What were your goals for 2019? Have you managed to complete any yet or are you still working on any?

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