Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Basket Bag Trend

Basket Bag Trend / Lauren Rose Style / Blogger London ft. Bohemia Design & Primark
The basket bag trend is one I have happily jumped on board with. I am not sure where the popularity has came from, maybe the heightened interest in all things Morrocan, but style bloggers everywhere aren't seen for long without a basket firmly in there hand at the moment.
Basket Bag Trend / Lauren Rose Style / Blogger London ft. Bohemia Design & Primark
I have acquired two thus far, this beauty above is from Primark that was only £7, and this basket bag of my dreams below from Bohemia Design, who have so many amazing styles on offer.
Basket Bag Trend / Lauren Rose Style / Blogger London ft. Bohemia Design & Primark
Shop This Bag Here

I wanted to share my mini collection with you and also show you where you can find some of the best basket bags out right now...
Let me know your thoughts on this trend and what style is your favourite?

Until Next Time, Lauren Rose x        


Monday, 19 June 2017

Reworking Your Wardrobe For Summer ~ The White Lace Dress

I have been struggling recently with my wardrobe. I am sure most of us girls have encountered this first world problem, where we seem to have an entire wardrobe full of clothes, but somehow we still feel as though we have nothing.. and I mean nothing to wear.
I am unsure why this happens to the best of us. It would be interesting to know if there is actually some sort of logic behind it. Who knows! But today I am here to give you some inspiration to find ways to reinvent your wardrobe without having to go out and drain your bank account in Zara, something that I have definitely been guilty of as of recent times. 
 First things first, we need to go through our wardrobes, pull everything out and try it all on. It's important to also clear out anything that doesn't fit or you haven't actually worn in the past 3 years. Then you can see what you have left to work with. Also, anything you are going to get rid of, make some extra cash (to buy new clothes) and sell them on ebay or Depop. I am a bit of an ebay addict and I am always listing things I don't wear anymore, that way I can justify buying something new. If you would like a whole post on this, do let me know as I would be happy to share all my tips and tricks.
Now get all those nice summery pieces out that have been hidden in your wardrobe for the past year and have some fun styling them in a different way. Style them differently by trying different outfits on. This is how I tend to plan outfit's. An outfit can look great in your head, but in actual fact when you put it all on and look in the mirror, sometimes you can look ridiculous. For me, simplicity in summer outfit's is key. It can be so easy to go OTT with all the colours and prints, I think it's best to stick to one theme, if you have a printed colourful dress, make sure everything else you wear with it doesn't include prints and pair it with some simple accessories and white trainers.
The first thing I was drawn to again this year in my wardrobe was this white lace dress. I got this last summer and wore it to Wimbledon with some snakeskin boots and a bomber jacket. This time around I wanted to team it with some blue denim as I think white lace and denim is the ultimate summer combo. I actually love this denim jacket so so much. The prettiness of the frills and lace detail add some dimension to the look and I wanted to break this up with some biker boots to give more of an edgier look. I then added a leopard print bag, making the perfect little statement accessory.
Denim Jacket: Topshop / Dress: Stradivarius / Boots: River Island / Bag: H&M

Everything in this look I had in my wardrobe already, sometimes you just have to look properly to find those hidden gems in your wardrobe that I am sure we all have. I think this outfit will become a firm favourite of mine this summer, with this dress seeing me through these scorching hot days in London we are having at the moment, it is currently 32 degree's today. So. Hot.

I hope this has inspired you to try find some pieces from last summer in your wardrobe that you can actually wear again this year, styling them differently to create a whole new look. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to experiment with your style!

Until next time, Lauren Rose x

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