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Finding Your Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Style / Lauren Rose Style / Fashion Blogger London

Having a personal fashion style is something that I used to think I didn't have yet. I thought that it would develop as I grew up, but more recently I have realised that I have always had my own personal style, that is unique to me.

I personally don't limit myself to one particular style. I find that I dress depending on my mood. If I am feeling happy and confident, maybe I will wear something colourful or I will put together a more daring outfit. If I wake up grumpy or I am struggling to get out of bed that day (always Monday's), I will probably wear all black since my brain is really not in the mood to choose anything more exciting to wear.

I wrote a post a few years ago about how I didn't feel like I had my own personal style. I now know that I clearly do, we all do. I wear what I like. We all wear what we like, depending on our mood, the occasion, the weather and it will always be unique to each and every one of us.

I am sure that we all take inspiration from other people, be it friends, bloggers, celebrities or your style idol's but your wardrobe is always going to be unique to you and the way you wear a piece, will be different to everybody else.

I have realised that you don't have to find what your personal style is, because you already have it. It is the essence of who you are. It is important to always wear what you like, what makes you feel confident or happy and always dress for yourself ladies.

Finding Your Personal Style / Lauren Rose Style / Fashion Blogger London
I want to share with you where I personally find style inspiration. I think where you find fashion inspiration is also a representation of who you are. Your tastes, interests and inspiration's are always going to be individual to you. I personally favour bloggers that wear more every-day wearable high street fashion, with the odd designer piece thrown in for aspirational purposes (obv). So here are a few bloggers and fashion icons that inspire my everyday style.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung always has and always will be my main style muse. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to her if you want a browse here. She looks incredibly effortless in everything she wears.

Alexa Chung - Style Muse

Lucy Williams
This girl's style is always perfect, her style is simple but always chic. You can follow her blog here :
Lucy Williams - Fashion Me Now - Fashion & Style Blogger

Emma Hill
Fashion and Style blogger who has a killer wardrobe that I am constantly lusting over. You can find her incredible blog here:
Emma Hill - Fashion & Style Blogger - EJSTYLE

Chloe Plumstead
She comes across as the most down to earth girl in the blogosphere and her style is always on point. Follow her blog here:
Chloe plumstead - Fashion Style blogger - The Little Plum

I would love to know your thoughts on personal style in the comments and please share any people who inspire you!

Until Next Time, Lauren Rose x


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