Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

We are now in the week running up to Christmas and everything is getting very festive and exciting and I am not complaining about it. If you know me, then you know that I love to bake, so any excuse to do some festive themed baking is always taken. I recently rustled up some gingerbread cookies in star shapes and they were just too good not to share. I even took some into work and they vanished in a flash, so I definitely recommend giving these a go, as they were so yummy.

To make these gingerbread star cookies, you will need:

350g plain flour (extra for rolling the mixture)
1 tsp bicarbonate of sofa
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
125g butter
175g light brown sugar
1 medium egg
4 tbsp golden syrup


1. Sift together the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon and mix together. Add the butter and use a food processor to blend together until the mixture turns to breadcrumbs. If you don't have a food processor (like me) don't worry, you can just use your fingers and rub the mixture together until it turns to breadcrumbs, this may just take a bit longer.

2. Stir in the sugar before adding the beaten egg and golden syrup. Again, blend the mixture in the food processor, or whisk until the mixture sticks together.

3. Tip out the dough and knead out until smooth. Wrap the mixture in clingfilm and leave to chill in the fridge for approx 15 minutes.

4. Heat the oven to 180 degrees fan assisted and line two baking trays with greaseproof paper.

5. When the mixture has chilled, roll out the dough until it has around a 0.5cm thickness onto a floured surface. Use your biscuit cutters of choice, all shapes and sizes are fully accepted, but I would definitely recommend something Christmas themed. These star biscuit cutters were only from Poundland.

6. Place the biscuit shapes onto a baking tray leaving a small gap between each one and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes, until they are golden-brown.

7. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for ten minutes before removing them from the tray to a wire rack. Feel free to finish off your cookies by decorating them as you wish with icing or cake decorations.

Let me know if you do make these, I would love to see photo's. 

Also this is going to be my last post until after Christmas/New Year, so I just wanted to say that I really hope you have a very Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year when it comes!!

I will actually be taking my blog offline from Christmas Eve and relaunching it again on the 3rd of January, which I am so so excited about. If you want to keep updated with it all, then you can follow me on twitter @laurenrosebell and instagram @laurenrosebell, where I will be announcing my relaunch and my new site - eeeek. Lots of good things to come hopefully in the new year, here's hoping 2017 kicks off to a good start, it can't be any worse than 2016, am I right?

Merry Christmas! 

Lauren Rose xx


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Red Lip Edit

The Red Lip Edit // Lauren Rose Style Blog // Fashion Beauty Lifestyle London ft. Mac, Lancome, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden // Christmas Festive Make-up
The Red Lip Edit // Lauren Rose Style Blog // Fashion Beauty Lifestyle London ft. Mac, Lancome, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden // Christmas Festive Make-up
December is in full swing and the one make-up look you need to be owning at this time of year is of course the bold red lip. A red lip gives you that added sass, it is a statement look that makes you stand out from the crowd even in a simple LBD. Red Lipstick always makes me think of Old Hollywood Glam, it is such an iconic beauty look from that era. I have rounded up a few of my favourite red lipsticks to share with you and give you some inspiration for the festive season. The Red Lip Edit // Lauren Rose Style Blog // Fashion Beauty Lifestyle London ft. Mac, Lancome, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden // Christmas Festive Make-up
The Red Lip Edit // Lauren Rose Style Blog // Fashion Beauty Lifestyle London ft. Mac, Lancome, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden // Christmas Festive Make-up

1. Tanya Burr Lipgloss in 'Lets Travel The World'. An affordable product for the lip gloss lovers out there. This product has the sweetest scent that smells good enough to eat. Wear by itself for a long lasting glossy look or use on top of another red lipstick to add a sheen finish to the lips.

2. Lush's Santa's Lip Scrub. Granted this is not a lipstick, but an essential lip product for this winter. This lip scrub works to remove any dry skin from your lips. Use this prior to applying any lip product and it will help to keep your lips looking fabulous all day long. It also tastes like sugar, so a bit of a winner all round.

3. Estee Lauder Lipstick in 'Red Door Red'. One for the luxury beauty lovers, this sophisticated bright red lipstick is perfect for a party. It is the most beautiful shade of red and with it's creamy consistancy, it gives that added moisture whilst wearing. 

4. Clinique Lipstick in 'Cherry Pop'. This mini size lipstick is the perfect product to pop in your handbag to take you from day to night. This bright shade apply's smooth and will be sure to give you the perfect bold red lip.

5. Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in '368'. A gorgeous, vibrant red. This moisture boosting formula gives you the statement lip look, whilst leaving your lips with a beautiful satin finish. 

6. Mac Matte Lipstick in 'Russian Red'. I couldn't write about red lipsticks and not feature this. My favourite red lipstick of all time. Mac's Russian Red provides you with a classic, rich matte red lipstick. The boldest look of them all. This also scores the highest points in lasting power. 

I hope this has given you some red lipstick inspiration and the desire to get out those red lipsticks over this party season. My top tip would be to keep the rest of your make-up really simple, that way you can give full emphasis to the lips.

Will you be rocking the red lip this season?


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is fast approaching, I am starting to get right in the Christmas spirit and now is the time to definitely start buying all those Christmas presents if you haven't already! Nobody wants to be left running around doing last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, so lets get organised and I am here to provide you with some gift inspiration.

I have put together a little a gift guide and divided it easily into categories. We have 'Gifts For Her', 'Gift's for the Beauty Lovers' and 'Secret Santa Gifts' that are all in and around £15. Hopefully that covers something for everyone...

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 // Fashion, Beauty & Secret Santa Present Inspiration Idea's // Lauren Rose Bell Blogger London Style
1. Cosy Knitted Jumper - Mango
2. Coco Mademoiselle Perfume - Chanel
3. Love Style Life Book - Amazon
4. Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch - ASOS
5. Gucci Disco Bag - Selfridges (We can all dream eh?!)
6. 'Winter' Candle - The White Company
7. Metallic Fluffy Slippers - New Look
8. Cream Scarf - Asos
9. Fur Bed Throw - Dunelm

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 // Fashion, Beauty & Secret Santa Present Inspiration Idea's // Lauren Rose Bell Blogger London Style

1. PIXI Skincare Christmas Set - ASOS
2. Chanel Lipstick in 'Ultraberry' - Debenhams
3. YSL Bronzer - Debenhams
4. Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume Set - Selfridges
5. Zoeva Rose Gold Make-up Brush Set - Selfridges
6. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipsticks - Selfridges
7. Liz Earl Daily Ritual Set -Boots
8. Lush Golden Wonder &  Snow Fairy Gift Sets - Lush
9. Soap and Glory Spa Gift Set - Boots

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 // Fashion, Beauty & Secret Santa Present Inspiration Idea's // Lauren Rose Bell Blogger London Style1. I'd Rather Be In Bed Mug - Sighh
2. Leopard Print Makeup Bag - Topshop
3. Unicorn Elf Christmas Socks - Asos
4. Christmas Eve Candle - Yankee Candle
5. Reindeer Dressing Gown - Asda
6. Good Vibes Only Print - Designs By Khushi
7. Personalised Message Light Box - Topshop
8. Cosy Bobble Hat - Topshop
9. The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k - Amazon

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your Christmas shopping, or even some idea's of what you would like to ask for Christmas. 

Only two weeks to go now!!  xxx

Sunday, 4 December 2016

15 Things Do This Christmas

Happy December!! This is my first Christmassy post, and I am VVVV excited about it. I just love this time of year so much and I am so excited to share all my Christmas themed posts on my blog. Today I wanted to start it all off by sharing a list of 15 things to do this Christmas and get us all in the Christmas spirit...

1. Have a Christmas Dinner Party
The best way to catch up with friends, host your own Christmas dinner party. If that feels like to much work, ask everyone to bring a dish and voilĂ , the easiest dinner party ever.

2. Decorate The Christmas Tree
Slightly obvious, but definitley take part of decorating your Christmas Tree. Pop a Christmas playlist on, drink some wine and have fun with it. It is one of my favourite parts of the run up to Christmas.

3. Bake Festive Treats
I love to bake so Christmas is the perfect opportunity to not only eat all the baked goods, but also make some yourself. From these gingerbread cookies, to christmas cake to chocolate brownies. Follow my Christmas pinterest board here for loads of baking inspo.

4. Have a Christmas Movie Day
Get some cosy pyjamma's, lots of snacks, copacious amounts of tea and spend the day watching Christmas movies. Some of my favourites include Elf, Bad Santa and The Holiday.

5. Start A New Christmas Tradition
There is always room to create new Christmas traditions each year. I would love to know what Christmas traditions you have with your family? One of mine is that we always get Christmas Eve presents, which gets us even more excited for the next day.

6. Make Homemade Christmas Cards
Have a crafts day making Christmas cards. Not only is it theraputic but you finally have use for all those Christmas cards you have been given over the years and kept in a drawer for no apparant reason other than the memes. Put them to good use and recycle them into something new.

7. Go Ice Skating
Not actually my favourite Christmas activity I have to say, but when I get going I do enjoy it. Sometimes the thought of it scares me a bit. But I never went at all last year and think it would be fun to go with friends this year. UPDATE: I went two weeks ago at Sommerset House and I actually loved it, I did at least 20 laps of the rink without holding on to my boyfriend for dear life = success!

8. Make A Gingerbread House
I have never made or even eaten a gingerbread house in my life, so this year I would love to make one, even if it is just putting one together and decorating it from a supermarket kit.

9. Go To The Theatre
It is the time of year to get yourself to the theatre for a jolly, festive pantomine. Oh No It's Not! ...Oh Yes It Is!... (Not even sorry).

10. Give To Charity
There are tons of ways you can give to Charity this Christmas, from food banks, charity boxes or even just giving a donation online. After all, it is the time of giving.

11. Wear A Christmas Jumper
The official Christmas jumper day this year is the 16th of December, so head to Primark quickly to pick up yours in preperation.

12. Make Mulled Wine
I am not personally a fan of mulled wine, but if you are and fancy trying to make your own, this BBC recipe here is super simple.

13. Make Your Own Wreath
Buy all the foliage and make your own wreath for your front door this christmas. Be creative, invite friends round and all do it together. Or buy one from Poundland for £4 like I'll be doing - no shame.

14. Go To A Christmas Market
I am sure every city has a Christmas market these days. London is full to the brim of them at the moment. Get yourself down to one for some festive food, drinks and unique gift idea's.

15. Finally, the most important one of all. Spend time with friends and family, because that is really what Christmas is all about     

Will you be doing any of these this Christmas? Let me know below if you have any more suggestions for fun Christmassy Activities!

Until Next Time, Lauren Rose x
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