Thursday, 3 November 2016

An Evening At Stylist Live

A couple of week's ago after work I headed with my friend Maddie to Stylist Live for a fun evening of inspiring talks, fun pop up shops, free drinks and even a cheeky massage. It was the perfect Friday evening and the best way to start the weekend.
Stylist Live is an annual event run by the dream team at Stylist Magazine, which is actually one of my favourite magazines ever. I pick it up for free in the underground every single week without fail and enjoy getting my fashion fix by reading it in my lunch break. Their event was held in the Business Design Centre in London, which is a huge exhibition centre in Angel and was bustling full of excited ladies, pop up stalls, inspiring talks, free pampering and quirky workshops. 

As we arrived we walked past Tanya Burr which was pretty cool. I do love Tanya Burr, I think she is such a wonderful women and just so normal and relatable. She looked just as beautiful in real life as she does on her youtube channel. We then spotted Melanie C doing a talk and a quick sing on one of the stages in the main hall. It brought back all the spice girls memories!

After we got our fan girl moment with Mel C over with, we quickly headed to watch the Stylist Live Catwalk Show. The catwalk show was sponsored by Swarovski and was themed around AW16 trends, with 'Intergalactic' being my favourite trend that they showcased. We admired all the pretty glitzy clothes and it gave me some major party dress inspiration, not long until christmas party season now!

After a beautiful showcase of all things fashion, we headed downstairs to talk all things beauty! Liz Earle was doing a talk at the Dyson Stage on 'Creating a Successful Brand'. We actually had a talk booked with Liz Earle later that evening, but we jumped into listen to this one too. She gave us the low down on how she started her brand and all the hard work and grafting she has put in to build up to the successful, global brand it is today. It was really interesting to listen to and included a lot of interaction with the audience which was fun.

I can also vouch for how absolutely stunning she looks. Her skin was glowing and she seemed so lovely, and emitted such a happy and healthy vibe. I will of course now be using all of her products in the hope that I age just as gracefully as she is. If I have her amazing skin at 50 years old, I would be one very happy lady!

Afterwards, we then headed to our main event. We had booked a talk at the inspiring stage called 'How to get to the Top', with Liz Earle, Belinda Parmar (tech and empathy entrepreneur) and Cassandra Stavrou (founder of Propercorn). The talk was about work/life balance, how to build a brand, the foundations of a strong brand and what is most important in your own business, passion. It was great to have three successful business women talk about their own experiences and how they have all grown their own business's, that were all so different. It was really interesting and we thoroughly enjoyed it. There is nothing quite like hearing about other women's hard work and success stories to make you feel inspired.

After the talk, we had more of a walk around the whole exhibition hall. The Stylist Live's exhibition hall was full to the brim of pop up shops and workshop areas with hundreds of brands from Not On The High Street (who were offering 15% off all orders), to House Of Sunny, to Urban Decay to name but a few. We decided to head to the Clarins stall for some much deserved pampering, I mean it is Friday after all. We enjoyed some neck and shoulder massages, as well as some amazing hand massages.

They had so many other pamper stations dotted around the event. They were doing facials at the Liz Earle stand, blow dry's at the Dyson stall, and you could get your make-up professionally done at both Urban Decay and Clarins. Unfortunately we didn't have to make more use of these. I wish we would have had more time to get some more treatments. But alas, it was time to go home.

Not without a  free cocktails made by Chambord first though...MmmMmm.

I left the event feeling exceptionally inspired and happy.  I had such a fun evening with Maddie, it was such an incredible event and my highlight has to be listening to how Liz Earle made it to the top and grow her business into the successful global brand it is today. She is such an inspirational women, incredibly successful and her character was so full of positivity and passion. I think I may now be obsessed with her...

I wish I could have attended the event for longer or even have gone on another day too, as they had some truly amazing guests and talks on over the whole 4 days. If you are interested in having more of an idea what kind of other talks and workshops took place, they are all listed on their website here. I honestly can't wait to go back again next year. Good job Stylist!

Until Next Time, LR xx

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! :)

    Ellen x


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