Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Building A Skincare Routine

At the start of the year I made a decision to start taking more care of my skin. I wanted to really start looking after my skin properly, build a proper skincare routine and start investing in products that would help me do this. 

I have always been lucky enough to have pretty good skin, with my skincare routine kept extremely minimal. Simple face wipes were my best friend for years. I would use Simple's face wash when in the shower to wash my face in the morning's and I occasionally moisturised my face when I felt it needed it, but other than that I generally did nothing. My view was that I didn't need to do anything more as my skin seemed to be fine as it was...

After reading a few blogs about skincare, I decided that although face wipes had been working for me, they may not actually be the best thing for my skin. I was quite apprehensive about incorporating too many new products at once, so I started off easy and firstly added a proper make-up remover into my daily routine. I started using Garnier's Miceller water and absolutely loved it. I find the process of removing my makeup with cotton pads and cleansing water incredibly relaxing as well as feeling softer on my skin. I definitely started to notice a difference in my skin using this, my face started to feel more clean and super refreshed.

After moving to London I found it so much more important to look after my skin, the water and the pollution in the air here can have such a bad affect on your skin, leaving it dry and tired. By February this year I started to use a proper cleanser on my face, a good quality moisturiser and incorporated a weekly face-mask amongst a few other products to now build a relatively good skincare routine for myself. So today I thought I would share my skincare routine and the products that personally work for me...


I use the Garnier Micellar Water to remove my make-up. I love this product, it has definitely become a holy grail product for me. It leaves your skin feeling super clean and refreshed and I honestly couldn't fault this product at all. I have also tried Bioderma's Micellar water, which people also rave about and although I liked it, I much prefer Garnier's version. No more scrubbing your face to remove your makeup with a face wipe! This makes the process so much easier and helps you remove your make-up gently, whilst hydrating your skin at the same time.


I use Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish every evening to cleanse my face. You can actually use this to remove all your make-up as well, but I prefer to at least take remove my mascara first as this can take a few cleanses before it is all gone. This lovely creamy cleanser contains purifying eucalyptus essential oils, rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter and you just need one pump of the product, massage it into your skin before removing with a warm muslin cloth. This helps to remove any last make-up or dirt from your face and really give your face a good clean and leaves your skin feeling smoother and brighter.

I also clean my face every morning in the shower with this 'Simple Face Wash'. This product is perfect for sensitive skin and contains no perfume or chemicals. I have been using this product for years and years and absolutely love it.


I actually feel like I have noticed the biggest difference in my skin since using this product. It is amazing. Not only does it smell divine, but you need the tiniest bit to really nourishe and hydrate your skin. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, fresh and radiant. I put this on morning and night and would 100% recommend.


Once a week I also use the Simple Face Scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells or black heads. It also works to remove any accumulation of oils on the skin and prevents me from getting any spots. I only do this process once a week, as I have sensitive skin and don't want to cause any skin irritation.


I use this Kale Fix Clay Mask from Nip and Fab once a week at the moment. I used to use it a lot more, but since I have had a proper skincare routine, my skin is so much healthier and therefore doesn't require this as often. I have actually done a full review on this product on my blog before, here if you are interested. This mask cleanses, nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and soft to touch and is perfect for a Sunday evening pamper.

So there you have it, my five step skincare routine process. I hope that was somewhat helpful for anyone who wants to up their game with their skin care routine. Even adding one new product in at a time, can really make a difference to your skin. I personally don't use toners or serum products at the moment, but it is something I would consider in the future. At present, my skin is happy and healthy and I am loving it!

Did you enjoy this post? Do you have a skincare routine? Anything you would recommend for me to incorporate or try?

Until Next Time, LRB x

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