Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday's are for...

1. Lie In's - Let your body sleep as long as it wishes. You deserve it.

2. Relaxing - OBV. Do not expect me to move for 80% of the day.

3. Brunch - Sunday's are an Avocado & Eggs on Toast kind of day for me. But if your body wants pancakes, give it pancakes.

4. Netflix - OMG I have just finished watching the last series of Pretty Little Liars and I am mind blown. If anyone has good Netflix recommendation's leave them below, as I need to find something else to watch.

5. Baking - Cakes, Biscuits, Cookies, anything you desire. I love to bake and find the whole thing really theraputic. Today I am going to make some Banana bread, MmMmMm...

6.  Organising - I try and do all my washing on a Sunday, as well as tidying my room and doing a food shop, so I am organised for the week ahead. Even packing my gym bag and making my lunch for Monday really helps to get my week off to an excellent start. Start as you mean to go on.

7. Pampering Yourself - End the day with a little pamper by putting on a face-mask, having a nice long bubble bath, or even painting your nails. Finding time to do this for yourself is super important and I find having a pamper session once a week really improves my mood.

I also filmed a 'Slow Sunday Routine' on my very amateur Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago if you fancy having a watch, I have left it below...

☆ Let Sunday be a day of rest, to take time for yourself. I am spending my day doing all of the above and I can tell you I will be feeling revitalised by the end of the day and ready to take on whatever Monday has in store! 

What are you up to this Sunday? Are you having a relaxing day like me?


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Get Bronzed | Madame La La Self-Tan Review

Madame La La Self Tan Mouse / Madame La La Face Bronzing Serum
Well hello little blog, long time no speak. I may have not posted in two weeks again, my bad. I really want to post more often but it is so hard to find time after working full-time and having multiple busy weekends. Alas this Sunday night I am enjoying some chill time after having my family here for the weekend and I am really in the mood to blog, so tonight I thought I would share with you a new tan I am loving right now...

Way back at the start of February, 'Madame La La' kindly sent me some of their new tan to try out and I have been using it ever since. It is an instant mouse tan, that takes about 3 hours to fully develop into a gorgeous bronze colour. I find this tan great for a last minute tan before a night out, as you really only need one layer for it to develop into the perfect colour. The most important aspect of a tan to me is that it leaves you streak-free and I can confirm this does the job wonderfully, leaving me with a lovely even tan. 

Madame La La launched their products in Superdrug across the UK last month and are also now stocked in stores such as Selfridges and Urban Outfitters. Taking inspiration from the LA lifestyle, this tan is designed to provide a radiant bronze glow, whilst combining coconut water and hydrating skincare benefits from ingredients such as aloe, green tea and vitamin E to not only tan but to detox, smooth and hydrate skin simultaneously. Baasically, to make us all lovely and tanned like those over in LA living the high life in the sunshine. Can you tell I am envious of the weather? 

I would say this tan is very similar to St Tropez, slightly cheaper, but with some amazing added benefits such as the fact it is also designed to hydrate your skin. I found it really did help and didn't let my skin dry out like a lot of other tans can. I would also like to point out that it smells devine. You can really smell the coconut scent coming through. I think this is the best smelling tan I have ever used, which is honestly a revelation for me as for once a tanning product didn't leave me smelling like biscuits. Life saver.

This tan lasts me about 10 days before fading, which I think is amazing. I am really impressed with this product and brand and if you are ever in Superdrug and want to try a new tan out, I would definitely recommend picking up this from Madame La La or you can shop it online here.

Do you think you will give this tan a try? Let me know what you think :)

Until Next Time, LRB x

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Small House Of Wonder, Berlin

Small House of Wonder: Johannisstra├če 20, 10117 Berlin, Germany

When in a city you don't know, you often find yourself picking up food from bakery's and eating in whatever restaurant is convenient at the time. When I was in Berlin, I wanted to find really cool cafes, where the food would be truly delicious.

I took to Instagram and started following some Berlin based bloggers and the 'visit_berlin' Instagram page to hunt down some cute little cafes. This helped me find Small House Of Wonder, a quaint and quirky little cafe. The food is made with organic local ingredients and combines classic breakfast dishes with a Japanese twist. On first entering there is a spiral staircase surrounded by leafy green plants and foliage to take you up to the cafe. As you head up the stairs you are greeted with a relaxed atmosphere. Wooden tables fill the interior, all different shapes and sizes and the place felt full of locals, hiding away from the tourist points of the city. 

Simon and I decided to order two different breakfast dishes to share. We love to do this as then you get to try more than one thing on the menu. We ordered the potato gratin and scrambled eggs with a Mediterranean salad, which we liked to call our main course, as well as ordering the croissant French toast with maple syrup, whipped cream and fruit, which was our dessert. Who said you can't have a two course breakfast? We also both ordered lattes and Simon had a coke too.

This breakfast was absolutely delicious. The scrambled eggs tasted amazing, they were made with cream and were the perfect consistency. I never would have thought scrambled eggs would go so well with cheesy potatoes, but it was delightful. The Mediterranean salad on the side added extra flavours and freshness to this slightly heavy breakfast dish. It was the perfect accompaniment.
Then the french toast. JUST WOW. I have never had croissant French toast before but my lord was it a treat. Crispy on the outside and soft in the centre, soaked in maple syrup and topping with fruit and cream to taste was divine. I would love to find a recipe for this and try whip this up myself some time.

The food here was amazing, the staff were super friendly and the whole cafe experience was just so lovely. If you are ever in Berlin, this cafe is really worth the trip. 

"everyday life is not about the big wonders, its about the small wonders that make things just a little more pleasant. Outside lies the heart of Berlin, inside there awaits a relaxed greenhouse atmosphere, bringing a summer feeling bathed with light into the city." Small House Of Wonder

Until Next Time, L x
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