Sunday, 23 February 2014

Topshop Velvet Lips - Sunday Review

I got the Topshop velvet lips in the colour Plush (a deep purple) - from my flatmate at Christmas.
I was so excited to try this as I heard it was meant to be the next big lip trend. I LOVE THE COLOUR IT IS SXCIIILISCIOUS. Unfortunately when I tried it, I didn't actually like the product - which I am gutted about, especially as it was a present.

What is wrong with it? 

For a start - awful coverage, when applying it is extremely uneven, you need to constantly re-apply  to generate an all over even colour - trying to avoid flaking off the product that has already dried onto your lips. On top of this it basically just goes everywhere and is so difficult to keep within the lip line - there is a lot of wiping excess product and reapplying involved.
So after a twenty minute pa-lava to apply the product, it feels hard, dry, uncomfortable and unwearable. It feels as if paint has been smeared across your lips, or kind of like when you have a face-mask on, your skin feels extremely tight and cracks when you move. I actually really like how it looks in the photo's but it did take me about a million applications to make it look like this (if you look really close on my bottom lip you can see the uneven dry flaky lip drama - yummy).
And lastly it was a nightmare to take off, I had to scrub my lips using a face wipe for ages - sore.

The idea behind these velvet lips are to be able to kiss a white shirt without leaving a stain, and for the product to last all day. Well let me tell you, you will not last half an hour and you wont be able to move your lips let alone use them to kiss plus WHO WANTS TO KISS A WHITE SHIRT.

 So yeah not ideal attributes to have for a lip product. I definitely do not recommend this product, but I would love any recommendations of velvet lips that this doesn't happen to?
And if anyone knows where I can get this colour in lipstick form - HOLLA!!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014


This post is a bit late due to being so busy with placement and LFW buuuut IT'S MY BIRTHDAY...well it was a week ago now!! and I turned 21 at long last!

I had the best pre-birthday weekend with my family and friends including a lil party at my house back home. It was definitely worth going through the stress of having my train cancelled and getting a delayed later train back to Scotland from London - then again traveling back to London 2 days later.

Bralet: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Heels: Forever 21
 I wore this little Topshop combo - legit hunted high and low for this bralet.

I had such a special day with my family and friends and was treated like a right little princess, spoilt rotten with the most loveliest gifts from everyone and probably acted like a bit of a diva but as Jessie J would say - 'ITS MA PARTYYYY - DO DO WHAT I WANT'.

The fun did not end there though. The night before my birthday my amazing flatmate brought us Krispy Kremes. A-mazing. They surprised me in the morning with chocolate strawberry's and some cute Topshop shoes. To top it off I headed to Mahiki for some deeeelicious cocktails with my fashion girlies in the evening. It was such a chilled atmosphere, with good tunes and the cocktails cocktail cups (may have popped one in my bag on the way out).

I had the best birthday week long celebrations.
I love my friends and family SOOO much.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Weekend Exploring - Buckingham Palace

Top - Primark
Gingham Treggings - Topshop
Fur Jacket - Vintage/My Gran's
Scarf - Stradivarious
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Boots - River Island
Bag - Accessorize

At the weekend myself and my gals Kerry and Jess decided to go for a lil' Saturday morning exploring. I have decided every weekend I have to go to a tourist destination to make the most of my time here in London. We quite fancied a stroll so after hitting Selfridges to get my 21st birthday outfit  (juuust the topshop concession haha) and some mac treats we wandered down new bond street and bond street - oh how I was rich so I could shop their. We then walked through the gardens to Buckingham Palace. I think we took around 3.5 million selfie's with Buckingham Palace and the guards which was hilarious and a lot of people were staring. It was lovely to finally have a sunny day since we got here and it not rain at all, even if it was a wee bit chilly.

I am obsessed with theses gingham treggings from Topshop, worn them almost every few days since I bought them the other weekend - love love love. I am also loving a print clash with this tartan scarf.

Rings - Accessorize

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Just Touched Down In London Town.

So the lack of post's are due to the fact I HAVE MOVED TO LONDON! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!
Some cheeky tourist snaps with my main man Ben.

I can't believe I have been here for two weeks already. It has gone so fast - I am absolutely loving it!
I am staying in Shoreditch with my friends from University and my internship (which I am LOVING SO MUCH) is based in Hammersmith so I am an east to west city traveler gal. I have actually grown to love the tubes, which I thought I would hate. I feel like I know my bearings and can speed around the underground like a pro. Then I quite happily sit and read the metro and the evening express to and from work - so grown up. As I spend every day at work I now know what it feels like to be living for the weekend. I have spent the last two weekends exploring London, going on nights out and of course a bit of shopping in there. I am just having the most amazing time.

I am going to try and blog a lot when I am here  <3

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