Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Glitter Nail Varnish's - NYE


It's New Years Eve and I have made a small pamper checklist and the only thing I have so far managed to achieve so far is have a shower and I have now ended up in front of the TV watching Matilda - classic. I have also ran out of fake tan and foundation, which is perfect timing. I do however have my outfit sorted - a beaut lil' red playsuit from Topshop. So to address the first point, what glitter nail varnish to use on my nails tonight? - fyi glitter/sparkly nails is a must at NY - and on top of that, I am unsure on a base colour too. Wearing red tonight limit's my choice as I cant wear anything that would clash ie. red or pink so that narrow's it down. I'm thinking I might go for either a gold glitter nail, or black with some purple sparkles or maybe I should paint them all different colours... Indecisive Lauren. Help a sista out?

Topshop - Heart Of Gold
Models Own - Disco Mix
Nails Inc
Models Own - Show Stopper
Barry M - 242

I love how this Topshop gold nail varnish is called 'Heart Of Gold' ! <3

 Until next year.... 

Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Time.

After a super busy month (few months) Christmas was much needed and it was amazing being able to chill for 3 days and not to have to work. I have included a few snaps from Christmas time, including some festive brownies, my grandparents looking super cute & christmassy, myself with a few of my best friends on Christmas Eve, my very missmatched Christmas tree at home - which is full of random decorations and lots of disney themed decorations <3, and myself in a super sexy Unicorn onesie haha

Hope everyone's having an amazing festive period, so excited for new year :D x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Get The Party Started

With Christmas Parties in full swing I thought I would show you my favorite party nails for the season. I am a sucker for black nail varnish right now and glitter is a must at Christmas time, so I thought I'd jazz some up my Barry M Black nail varnish with this model's own sparkly nail varnish.

I know that glitter nail varnish can be a nightmare to remove, but I think it's totally worth it and I would advise using a dip and twist nail varnish remover like this 'Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover' which makes it a million times easier and quicker to get off.

Do you have a favourite nail look for the party season?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Night In.

Last weekend, my flatmate/bestfriend and I had a lovely little night in listening to christmas songs, decorating the tree and our flat for christmas, drinking wine and watching twilight. I thought I would share some photo's I took including our attempt of a 'family portrait' with the tree haha. HOW CUTE AND CHRISTMASSY DOES OUR FLAT LOOK GUYS!!! #SOOOOOCUUUUTE
p.s 13 days till christmas!!


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hello December.

Image from Tumblr
December might be my favourite month of the year as I just love Christmas so much! Christmas jumpers, hot chocolates, chocolate, food in general, cosy night's in, snow (hopefully), Christmas songs and Christmas decorations everywhere. The best time basically.  <3

Jumper - Primark
Today I have a Saturday off work, craaaaaazy times! So I am off to do some Christmas shopping with my Mum as I haven't even started eek - been too busy. Then I'm going out for dinner with my family tonight which will be nice. I've decided to get into the Christmas spirit and wear a Christmas jumper today :)
Have a lovely Saturday!
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