Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Glitter Nail Varnish's - NYE


It's New Years Eve and I have made a small pamper checklist and the only thing I have so far managed to achieve so far is have a shower and I have now ended up in front of the TV watching Matilda - classic. I have also ran out of fake tan and foundation, which is perfect timing. I do however have my outfit sorted - a beaut lil' red playsuit from Topshop. So to address the first point, what glitter nail varnish to use on my nails tonight? - fyi glitter/sparkly nails is a must at NY - and on top of that, I am unsure on a base colour too. Wearing red tonight limit's my choice as I cant wear anything that would clash ie. red or pink so that narrow's it down. I'm thinking I might go for either a gold glitter nail, or black with some purple sparkles or maybe I should paint them all different colours... Indecisive Lauren. Help a sista out?

Topshop - Heart Of Gold
Models Own - Disco Mix
Nails Inc
Models Own - Show Stopper
Barry M - 242

I love how this Topshop gold nail varnish is called 'Heart Of Gold' ! <3

 Until next year.... 

Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Time.

After a super busy month (few months) Christmas was much needed and it was amazing being able to chill for 3 days and not to have to work. I have included a few snaps from Christmas time, including some festive brownies, my grandparents looking super cute & christmassy, myself with a few of my best friends on Christmas Eve, my very missmatched Christmas tree at home - which is full of random decorations and lots of disney themed decorations <3, and myself in a super sexy Unicorn onesie haha

Hope everyone's having an amazing festive period, so excited for new year :D x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Get The Party Started

With Christmas Parties in full swing I thought I would show you my favorite party nails for the season. I am a sucker for black nail varnish right now and glitter is a must at Christmas time, so I thought I'd jazz some up my Barry M Black nail varnish with this model's own sparkly nail varnish.

I know that glitter nail varnish can be a nightmare to remove, but I think it's totally worth it and I would advise using a dip and twist nail varnish remover like this 'Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover' which makes it a million times easier and quicker to get off.

Do you have a favourite nail look for the party season?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Night In.

Last weekend, my flatmate/bestfriend and I had a lovely little night in listening to christmas songs, decorating the tree and our flat for christmas, drinking wine and watching twilight. I thought I would share some photo's I took including our attempt of a 'family portrait' with the tree haha. HOW CUTE AND CHRISTMASSY DOES OUR FLAT LOOK GUYS!!! #SOOOOOCUUUUTE
p.s 13 days till christmas!!


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hello December.

Image from Tumblr
December might be my favourite month of the year as I just love Christmas so much! Christmas jumpers, hot chocolates, chocolate, food in general, cosy night's in, snow (hopefully), Christmas songs and Christmas decorations everywhere. The best time basically.  <3

Jumper - Primark
Today I have a Saturday off work, craaaaaazy times! So I am off to do some Christmas shopping with my Mum as I haven't even started eek - been too busy. Then I'm going out for dinner with my family tonight which will be nice. I've decided to get into the Christmas spirit and wear a Christmas jumper today :)
Have a lovely Saturday!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Change Is Inevitable

I am now a brunette!!
It is impossible for me to stick to one hair colour/style. In 3 years I gone from having long blonde hair to long black hair to having a 'Frankie Sandford', to short brown hair, to short blonde hair, to (normal length?) auburn hair and then I finally got back to long blonde hair. But not for long, I then dyed my hair pink and noooow I have just dyed it brown....
 It's not that I am never happy with my hair cause I am. I love having blonde hair the most but after a while I decide I want to try something else and I think winter is the perfect time to go dark!
Wonder how long it will be till I decide I want my blonde hair back though...

Friday, 25 October 2013

What Are My Holiday Make-up Essentials?!

I have just returned from a lovely sunny week away with my family visiting my grandparents in the south of Spain and decided to do a blog post on the products I took in my holiday make-up bag! 
I tend to wear minimal make-up on a relaxed holiday, therefore I decided not to take my normal make-up bag and only take essentials. I also think it is a perfect opportunity to give your skin a break from wearing layers of make-up. 

 Firstly I shall start with the collection 2000 illuminating touch brightening concealer - which is such a good drug store version of the YSL Touche Eclat (my favourite concealer ever). I used this product every day on holiday, I just think this concealer is such a nice consistency leaving my skin with an amazing glow. I also used my Nars Bronzing Powder in the colour Casino in the evenings with my Topshop Blusher brush (which I love, as it is so small and cute). I wore Maybelline The Falsies mascara every night. I used my Model's Own Liquid Eyeliner a few nights when we went out for dinner which I find simply a cheap, quick and easy-to-use liquid eyeliner. I wore my Burt's Bees Lip Balm constantly all week. It is super hydrating and perfect for preventing the development of dry lips from the sun. I wore my Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in the colour 26 a lot, this is my favourite nude lipstick of all time and I could never go on holiday without it. I also wore a Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm in the colour 220 - Rumour Has It out for dinner a few nights. I love the bright colour of this lip crayon and the fact it would stay on for the whole night :)

What are your holiday make-up essentials?


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tartan Girl.

Top - Topshop
Tartan Trousers - Mango
Heels - Forever 21
Necklace - Topshop 
I have just come back from spending the weekend in London and I had such an amazing few days. I wore this outfit to see Selena Gomez on Sunday night (no shame). These photo's were taken on my phone so I apologize for the unclear images but I wanted to blog this outfit as I thought it was really cute. 
I am so into this new tartan trend and found the perfect tartan trousers in Mango that I have instantly fallen in love with. Not only are they super cool but they are extremely comfy too. 
I hunted everywhere in Topshop Flagship in London for this top! This was the last one that did not have make-up smeared all over it and it was in my size so I was very happy. I also love these heels from forever 21. However, as with all thin strappy heels your feet start to quickly feel the effects, so I advice you to take flats in your hand bag when wearing these out for the journey home haha! <3

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bargain Of The Week #2

I have recently been on the lookout for some new colourful statement necklaces. Topshop have a gizzillion amazing ones, however the £20 price tag for a necklace is definitely not in my current financial budget. (cries) So when I spotted these baby's in the Primark and New look sale, you can imagine I was very very pleased!
Primark - £1
Primark - £1
New Look - £3
Can you believe how cheap they were? I actually didn't even know the first two were in the sale. I think they were priced at three or four pounds, which would have still been amazing, until I took them to the till and they were only a £1 each! Amazing. The last one from New Look is probably my favourite and it will be a perfect accessory for my upcoming holiday to Ibiza. 
I love a low cost shopping trip and the joy finding a bargain you love gives you!


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Barry M Gelly Nails

I have heard nothing but good things about Barry M's new 'Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint' so inevitably I had to get some and try them for myself. So whilst shopping in Edinburgh I headed into Superdrug where they had a 3-for-2 offer on Barry M nail varnishes, which was ideal, so of course I bought 3 different colours. 
I went for 'Papaya', 'Passion Fruit' and 'Greenberry'.

I think I am actually in love with these nail varnishes! There so shiny and the finish is amazing, they dry super quick and the coverage is perfect. I sometimes find that Barry M nail varnishes can be kind of watery, as in they look better after a few coats, but with these nail varnishes one coat definitely suffices. Also, so far I have not experienced one chip wearing them, which is the best thing in life EVER. I'm seriously unsure if I will ever go back to normal nail varnishes now, I think they are that amazing.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Lovin'

Crop Top: Primark (Originally White and Tie-dyed Myself)
Dungaree Dress: Topshop
Sunglasses: Primark
Bracelets: Urban Outfitters

Tie-dye and dungarees equals a perfect summer outfit combo in my eyes! I also love these sunglasses a lot. I feel super cool when I wear them. I am also loving the revival of dungaree's in dress form, there so cute and easy to wear with literally any top. This t-shirt I am wearing I tie-dyed myself with Rit Dye which I bought from Ebay. I used a mix of teal, pink and purple on this t-shirt, I was just playing around with the dye dipping it in lots of bowls but it came out really well I thought. 

Sorry this post is super short but I hate spending time indoors when we are enjoying a scorcher of a Scottish Summer this week. T in the Park starts tomorrow EXCITED DOESN'T CUT IT! :)


Monday, 1 July 2013

Bargain Of The Week #1

I have a serious sunglasses obsession right now. No matter how many pairs I have, I still convince myself I somehow need more. It is also a wee bit stupid because I live in Scotland and there really is not enough sun to comprehend having that many. None the less I got an amazing new pair this week and I am literally IN LOVE with them. They were in the Zara sale reduced to £9.99 from £19.99, which I thought was pretty good! They also had loads left in the Edinburgh store so if I was you I would run there straight away and get a pair. There so cute and chic - definitely look more expensive than ten pounds so I thought they were a great steal. The sun actually came out today for once so managed to get a few snaps :)


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Celine it up.

Celine Tee: Ebay
Skirt: Topshop
Beanie: River Island
Necklace: Camden Market
Bracelets: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Accessorize

I love this t-shirt and this skirt and this hat.. haha. So clearly I am loving them all together in this outfit. I've had my Celine tee for a few months now and I wear it all the time. It's so simple and casual which is perfect for an every day look, but can also be dressed up for an evening look. This Topshop skirt has the same versatility. I am wearing it as a day look today however I wore it to my friends 21'st at the weekend dressing it up with a red blouse. Lastly, my bright green (slightly neon) beanie gives this outfit a splash of colour. It's super comfy and quite thin and light perfect for summer. It literally does not come off my head right now I love it that much.

I want to get more into blogging so I hope to start regular posts <3

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Exam's Are Over, Time To Pamper!

I have just finished all my exam's therefore 2nd Year is officially over and summer has begun. So much relief! I am finding myself with far too much free time now to bake cakes, watch back to back episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother' and of course relax and pamper myself. (certainly not complaining) This post is some of the beauty products I'm currently lusting over.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is top of my must have list right now. After watching Tanya Burr's Eleanor Calder make-up tutorial my desire for this product has definitely grown. This is a really natural looking everyday concealer and really brightens the area under your eyes.

2. I actually NEED Jessica Phenomen Oil in my life. My nails are forever breaking and peeling and this oil is said to work wonders in strengthening nails and nourishing cuticles. All you have to do is rub the oil on your nails twice a day.I have tried to get this in boots but they don't stock it so think I will just order it online on Amazon as it seems to be cheaper there. I'm really excited to get this and see the amazing outcome.

3. I have never tried it before but I've heard only good things about Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker and I do love a bit of soap and glory.  The Lip-gloss comes in a number of colour's and is meant to smell phenomenal. It's a really good priced gloss and I am getting ready to run to boots for it after this post. 

4. I have been looking at reviews for a few gradual tan lotions as I have a holiday coming up and I don't want to go looking like a milk bottle. I normally use St Tropez tan however I want something more natural. After reducing options to compare Dove and Garnier I have decided to go for Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion. This lotion seemed to slightly outshine Garnier in reviews so I am excited to give it a go for a pre-holiday glow. 

5. I actually adore Lush products and this Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask looks absolutely divine. This is actually a detox mask, it totally revitalises your skin and it looks so yummy too haha. I feel like this is definitely what I am in need of post exams to make my skin 'radiant and glowing'!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Dress: Motel Rocks
Heels: Primark
Clutch: New Look
Necklace: Warehouse
Nails: Model's Own White & Nail Art Pen
 This outfit is what I wore to my University Business Spring Ball which was a lot of fun! I initially wanted to go for a maxi dress but after buying and returning numerous dress's I decided I just do not suit a maxi dress and definitely feel more comfortable with a bit of leg on show. (haha) 
I ordered this dress from Motel Rocks and delivery was super speedy and it fitted like a glove. I also really like this colour right now, bright colours just ooze fun and happiness. I only wore small heels from Primark as their was a Celidh at the Ball and didn't want to have no feeling in my feet by the end of the night!

My nails took SOOOOO long but were 100% worth it because I loved them. I painted them with two coats of Model's Own white nail varnish then I used a model's own nail art pen to do the diagonal line and fill in the other side. I really want to do my nails like this again but using different colour's even though it is fiddly and time consuming. 

Coursework and Revision is calling :(


Monday, 18 March 2013

Mad for Monochrome

Blouse: Forever 21
Disco pants: River Island
Pumps: River Island
Mari Tote Bag: Accessorize
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Claire's Accessorize & Ebay
Ring: Accessorize

Firstly of all I would like to quickly welcome you all to my new blog. I wasn't happy with the theme and layout etc of my old one that I had to do as part of a Uni module and have to decided to start fresh and do it for myself rather than anything else. I am a fashion student living in Scotland and I hope to post every week, whether it be outfit post's or anything fashion related really will just see where 'The Fashion Rose' takes me :)

Monochrome is a major trend this spring/summer 13. It has been seen all over the catwalks from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs to Topshop Unique and is now literally everywhere you look on the high-street! I love this classic black and white trend it's so bold and simple plus super easy to follow.

My blouse is from Forever 21 purchased on a recent visit to London with the A-team (my course-mates) and I am a wee bit in love with it especially the open back aspect and I literally can't stop wearing it! I've teamed it with a cute Urban Outfitters statement necklace, my disco pants and of course a huge handbag. I'd also just like to add that Forever 21 is like AMAZING and I'm sad there isn't one in Scotland but I have heard rumour's one is coming to Glasgow this summer so I'm praying that is true!

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